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Bolsonaro admitted to Florida hospital

Bolsonaro admitted to Florida hospital

Soldiers in Brazil taking down tents Monday dismantling a camp in the capital set up by supporters of far-right former president jair bolsonaro a day after a pro-bolsonaro mob stormed government buildings in a violent attack the worse the country’s seen since its return to democracy in the 80s The Siege is drawing comparisons to the January 6.

Insurrection on the U.S Capitol Brazil’s communication Minister says the attack on his country though is more severe because all branches of government were targeted Congress the Supreme Court the presidential Palace trash Sunday the damage now on full display Brazil’s leftist president known widely as Lula who officially came to.

Power on New Year’s Day is promising to protect democracy and to bring those responsible to Justice so far authorities say 1500 people have been detained and Lula is blaming bolsonaro for stirring up the unrest over false claims of election fraud bolsonaro who has denied encouraging the attack was admitted to a hospital in Florida with.

Abdominal pain stemming from a stabbing attack in 2018 his wife said Monday confirming media reports bolsonaro flew to the U.S two days before Lula took office the U.S state Department would not comment directly on bolsonaro’s status in the U.S but did offer this Monday if someone entered the United States on an a Visa which was.

Essentially a diplomatic Visa if an a Visa holder is no longer engaged in official business on behalf of their government it is incumbent on that Visa holder to depart the U.S or to request a change to another immigration status within 30 days back to Sunday’s unrest prime minister Justin and Trudeau is among the world leaders speaking out.

Tweeting Canada strongly condemns the violent Behavior the U.S president posting Brazil’s Democratic institutions have our full support the U.N Secretary General saying Monday those who broke the law during the ride should suffer the corresponding consequences of the law and Brazil’s ambassador to the United Nations says.

His country is grateful for the international support it’s received we are confident that the strength of Brazilian institutions will allow us to overcome these violent and lamentable incidents of yesterday and an update from the Brazilian Football Federation to saying the national soccer team’s jerseys should not be used in.

Anti-democratic Acts and should instead be a symbol of Joy after some protesters were spotted wearing the jerseys Melissa Duggan City news

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