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BN and Warisan back Anwar’s Sabah unity govt proposal

BN and Warisan back Anwar’s Sabah unity govt proposal

Are begging prime minister Anwar ibrahim’s proposal for the formation of a Unity government in Sabah however at the time of writing there was no indication if chief minister hajiji Noor and lawmakers under the GRS are on board the proposal was put together by Anwar with Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad zahid hamidi in tow in a statement this.

Morning said the proposal would help lower political temperatures however he indicated that hajiji has yet to agree to the deal bung said he hoped the chief minister can accept the prime minister’s Proposal with an open heart to protect the interests of sabahans a similar statement was issued by warison.

President Muhammad Shafi Abdallah last night despite the olive branches both and Shafi have indicated that most or all of their assembly persons would not be attending the special State Assembly sitting today explained that a number of BN assembly persons will be in Kuala Lumpur to attend the amno annual General Assembly as for.

Shafi he said warisan assembly persons will be busy working on establishing a new special committee that will determine the leadership of the new Unity government