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Blizzard leaves more than 60 dead in the U.S.

Blizzard leaves more than 60 dead in the U.S.

The death toll from that devastating winter blizzard in America has now risen to 60. at least 31 storm-related deaths reported in the Buffalo area alone according to local authorities there the victims some were discovered in cars others in snow Banks and others died from medical emergencies such as Cardiac Arrest while shoveling snow.

It’s now the deadliest blizzard in the region up there in Western New York in more than four decades back in 1977 29 people died after a wicked storm hit Western New York and parts of Southern Ontario and there’s a look now at the Buffalo International Airport scheduled to reopen this morning at around 11. this.

Video was posted yesterday showing the plowers plow was doing their best to clear off the runways the airport has been closed since Friday

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