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Black activists destroy offensive objects from the past on Emancipation Day

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Black activists destroy offensive objects from the past on Emancipation Day” here is their detail.

A valentine's day card a cookie jar children's books statues this is black face image stream black minstrel and to think that this image itself was someone in guelph and this happened in our city what links them all is the trauma they caused the black community it was really painful to take hold some of these imageries and think that these were my.

How my ancestors are depicted and not even just our ancestors this is how i have been depicted in my life the items were donated to the guelph black heritage society over the years now at an afternoon celebration of emancipation day between moments of song and poetry a powerful moment of healing and i feel like it should be this photo.

Because it needs to go let's get some cheers around the items were burned and smashed when i saw queen smashing that lawn jockey cookie jar it was like absolutely amazing feeling the the heat from this fire it's just a release of our energy.

It's absolutely beautiful we feel a release even today that release felt by others in the crowd who threw their own pages into the fire anybody else want to rip come on and rip it lets out anger and resentment that's that's why i went up there the thought of it burning a book is difficult for me.

But i would like to go quietly and burn some pages now because the things that we were taught was so dreadful to me sort of just standing back that was not about me and i and i saw the faces of people who were getting rid of the hurt and the pain organizers.

Say they hope the event will provide healing joy but also awareness about the work that needs to continue so we need to have make sure that people are still aware and that they keep it in their consciousness that that racism is is not something that we tolerate and that's something that we need to work towards eliminating.

Work they hope will be energized there's something about a fire and a release by moments like this one chris reyes cbc news guelph ontario

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