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‘BJP Never Officially Reached Out To Sourav Ganguly’: BJP Leader | Left, Right & Centre

Mamata Banerjee today said Sourav Ganguly “has been deprived” of his post as Indian cricket board chairman and appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to “compensate him” by sending him to the ICC (International Cricket Council). Sourav Ganguly had been “unfairly left out”, the Bengal Chief Minister said, calling it “bad and sad”. BJP leader

‘BJP Never Officially Reached Out To Sourav Ganguly’: BJP Leader | Left, Right & Centre

To the central allocation that this is some sort of Vendetta against Ganguly it’s being done because he didn’t accept uh an offer by the BJP firstly did the BJP give him some some sort of offer to contest elections or be part of the party it is quite unfortunate that to learn it learn it person like professori is also.

Engaged into Petty politics in the in the field of sports arena of sports first of all let me tell you one thing saurabh Ganguly by rotations he was she was given enough chance to be the BCCI president and later on as the other members has to support him so others remember doesn’t support him then then of course that’s not my question my.

Question is did the BJP reach out to sort of Ganguly to get him to contest in the elections or to join the party yes or no first of all BJP uh never officially reached out to saurav Ram did they reach out to him so Anna even you see that the Heritage media entire world entirely Bengal has seen that honorable.

Um uh the home minister along with the BJP leaders has went to heaven just a courtesy meeting in the sort of ganguly’s house whether that is nothing that time also the media has uh you know they have explored that I’m not asking about about how it’s been reported in the media I am asking you as a person from the media was there an official or.

Unofficial effort made by the BJP to bring in sort of Ganguly to the party there was a courtesy meeting and because uh that time The Honorable home minister was visiting Kolkata and he is as Professor Roy has told that he is icon no effort once again once again let me finish then he finish the icon and why they are not uh they are not appointing.

Him or selecting with the brand ambassador obviously all right