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Biden ‘surprised’ government records found at old office

In Biden back in Washington this morning facing questions and criticism about classified documents found at a former office in of his Washington DC office wake up Charlotte’s Bree Jackson has the very latest from Capitol Hill been two senior law enforcement officials tell NBC news that a trump appointed U.S attorney has been.

Reviewing the findings for the past several weeks that includes both what the documents contain and how they ended up in Biden’s former DC office President Biden responding to the Revelation that classified documents were found in a locked closet at his think tank in Washington D.C I was briefed about this discovery been.

Surprised to learn that there were any government records that were taken there to that office but I don’t know what’s in the documents the White House says a small number of documents were discovered turned over to the National Archives and are now under review by the justice department the discovery came a week before the midterm election but it.

Was not disclosed to the public until Monday some Republicans argue it was intentionally concealed you know that’s something what the law enforcement folks look at that if there’s violations that should be held accountable the top Republican on the house oversight committee sent a letter to the White House saying lawmakers are investigating.

The matter I just know that he said it was very irresponsible for president Trump to take classified document to his personal residence and have them in an unsecured local education Homer drawing comparison to the unprecedented search at former president Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate others say there are clear differences the potential crime here has.

To do with obstruction that is with not responding to an investigation and trying to uh obscure it that’s the exact opposite of what Biden’s done a special counsel to the President says the White House is cooperating with both the justice department and the National Archives Democrat Mark Warner the chair of the Senate intelligence committee has.

Called for a briefing on both the classified documents found in Mr Biden’s former DC office and those found at former president Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate in Washington I’m Bree Jackson for wake up Charlotte

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