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Biden says he’s ‘surpised’ of government records found at old office

Tonight the justice department has overseeing a review of about 10 documents marked as classified found in an office that President Biden used before he was elected the president responded to questions about the findings just hours ago I was briefed about this discovery been surprised to learn that there are any government.

Records that were taken there to that office and were cooperating fully cooperating fully with the review of the documents were discovered in early November while the president’s personal lawyers were packing up the office the White House Council says it immediately reported them to the National Archives the discovery was made just three months.

After the FBI executed a search warrant for classified documents that former president Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home he had refused to comply with repeated requests to return the material attorney general mayor Garland has assigned a trump appointed U.S attorney to review the documents once that is done Garland will decide whether there should be a.

Criminal investigation by the FBI or pass probably a special counsel

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