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Biden: Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri killed in US strike in Afghanistan

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Biden: Al Qaeda leader Zawahiri killed in US strike in Afghanistan” here is their detail.

Al-qaeda leader ayman al-zawahiri was killed in a u.s strike in afghanistan over the weekend president joe biden says on monday august 1. this is the biggest blow to the militant group since its founder osama bin laden was killed in 2011. u.s officials say the united states carried out a drone strike in the afghan.

Capital kabul on sunday morning at 6 18 am local time u.s intelligence determined with high confidence the man killed was awairi the drone attack is the first known u.s strike inside afghanistan since u.s troops and diplomats left the country in august 2021. zoeri succeeded bin laden as al-qaeda.

Leader after years as its main organizer and strategist until the u.s announcement zawayiri had been rumored variously to be in pakistan's tribal area or inside afghanistan

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