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Bengal SSC Scam: India Today Unearths Benami Companies Of Partha Chatterjee’s Aide Arpita Mukherjee

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Bengal SSC Scam: India Today Unearths Benami Companies Of Partha Chatterjee’s Aide Arpita Mukherjee” here is their detail.

This is what six officials of the enforcement directorate discovered in their first raid on a two-bit apartment of a former model and actor 21 crore and 90 lakh in cash and a hall of gold jewelry and foreign exchange and five days later this is what the edc's from another apartment of Arpita Mukherjee.

Banknotes worth 27 crore and 90 lakh and gold and foreign currency worth 5 crore a friend of former West Bengal Minister partha Chatterjee Arpita Mukherjee was also found to be listed as director of three companies based in Kolkata India today took a deep dive into the trail we first show you how these companies were shown to be operating on.

Paper any documents symbiosis Merchant private limited Incorporated on March 21 2011 is involved in the wholesale business of a variety of goods got a co-director called Kalyan dhar on July 1st 2021. on paper Sentry engineering private limited is involved in manufacturing of.

Special purpose machinery Arpita Mukherjee was appointed its director on November 9 2011. and then enters kalyanthar as another director in 2018. Incorporated on October 29 2014 AK entertainment private limited is shown to be involved in entertainment was its first director kalyanthar named.

Its second director in 2018. the same year when he became director of Sentry engineering private limited along with Arpita we tracked the registered addresses of the three companies one by one this is the building that's supposed to house AKA entertainment private Limited no signboard but a slip pasted on a.

Mailbox greets us at the entryway when we spoke to the God on duty he revealed that the premises operates as a banquet hall instantly yoga um foreign as mentioned in the company papers and as available in the records of.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation Invincible records the same 95 rajdanga Main Road address is registered in the name of one Krishna gopalkar we tracked the car family in the same neighborhood sanjeeb Kar is the son of the man under whose name the address is registered he claimed that the building AK operated out of was not 95 rajdanga.

Main Road in the first place Carr claimed his family was in possession of the same address and that company used it wrongfully under its Banner premises okay think plot like a building Municipal records confirmed the cars have been paying the property tax of the.

Same premises for the past several years identified as the official address of arpita's AK entertainment private limited on paper we now investigated ak's business and finances company documents show exponential growth since its incorporation in 2014. documents accessed by India today also.

Show the same company bought a 1187 square foot apartment worth 75 lakh in kolkata's Diamond City South the payment made through two bank accounts the diamond City Apartment is the same property from where the Ed found 27.90 crore in cash officials suspect AK could be a shell.

Company registered in the name of Arpita and partha Chatterjee was using it to infuse black money by way of cash and through property deals foreign private limited the wholesale good company with Arpita Mukherjee as its director since 2011. we reached its belgardia address.

Registered in company documents no sign board no Banner turns out it's the same place Arpita mukherjee's mother lives in no trace of any company operating out of this old building no staff no worker either but according to documents accessed by India today the company held its annual.

Mandatory meetings at the same address symbios is muscle maintained financial statements the place looks familiar it's the same Diamond City Apartment from where the ed hold unaccounted cash late last month but on paper it houses Century engineering private limited which had.

Arpita Mukherjee as its director for almost 11 years now no stuff no workers but the so-called company is also regular in issuing financial statements with munish Pandey in Delhi and Muhammad Hezbollah in Kolkata a special investigative report by India today

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