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Bells toll 81 times at St Mary’s Cathedral following Cardinal Pell’s death

Bells toll 81 times at St Mary’s Cathedral following Cardinal Pell’s death

The Archbishop of Sydney has led a tribute for Cardinal George Pell live to Julia Bradley at St Mary’s Cathedral where Cardinal Pell will be buried when his body is flown back from the Vatican Julia how has he remembered the former Archbishop well the Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher as you say has just LED this.

Tribute at Saint Mary’s Cathedral who was attended by more than 100 worshipers where he described Cardinal Pell as a compassionate and a trustworthy high priest of God’s religion he also said in the face of trial and tribulation his faith in God never wavered he also spoke about Cardinal George Pell’s big heart saying that it was ultimately what gave.

Up on him he spoke about how long he has known the Cardinal for more than 30 years and he’s also described him as a loyal servant of the church saying he is with the Lord he served so well and that now it will be up to history to determine how he’s remembered it could be for historians to assess his impact on the life of the church in.

Australia and Beyond but it was considerable and will be long last time now earlier this morning the bells at St Mary’s Cathedral told 81 times to Mark The Death of George Pell of course at the age of 81 following those complications after a hip replacement surgery this is a significant site for the Cardinal it’s where he is going to.

Be laid to rest it’s also where he served as the Archbishop of Sydney between 2001 and 2014. foreign