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Bed Bath & Beyond Bankruptcy Looms

Bed Bath & Beyond Bankruptcy Looms

We asked our own audience whether they think meme stock trading is back and no it would seem we put a poll out to Twitter and overall they said the trend is dead what are you seeing in terms of a desire to be backing these meme companies again you know I think uh the trend when compared to the context of you know 2021.

And the GameStop Fiasco of early 21 you know that that I don’t think we’ll ever see those kinds of craziness again but you know the beam stocks you know Bed Bath and Beyond and others are very much still alive and in in the world of the trading and investing Community that’s quite active uh they’re still there um and you know alive and well might be.

Aggressive but these you know as we just saw in the segment there Bed Bath and Beyond there’s a lot of questions of whether it will be alive uh you know they they made their announcements last week around going concerns and you know with the wider than expected losses they posted today and then kind of the misrevenue expect expectations uh you.

Know there’s a lot of bearish sentiment around there but you know but the community is still actively talking about it you know from um you know from our community uh the message volume you know in the last few days has been extremely high um and with meme stocks in general the message volumes have retained for some.

So you know AMC still finished last year 22 22 as the number one most talked about stock on stocktwits it was number one in 2021 as well uh so you know still around um you know and the conversations are still happening with these companies hey Rishi good to see you we’re just showing some of the top stock tickers on your.

Platform AMC and other kind of known meme stock Tesla being another one by the way I love your jumper it says for our audience New York or nowhere here we go uh we just talked about the energy on your platform right I look at the headline when do you ever get headline that says X company headed for bankruptcy and you see a stock jump 28.

My question is what is it that’s driving the energy on your platform is it this herd narrative is it the idea that there are short sellers there what is it that is actually causing volume of conversation well I think it is the the volatility around it right it is the combination of those so you have you know the short.

Sellers and those that are you know fundamental investors and are telling us for all the reasons why you know Bed Bath and Beyond likely you know may not be around in a year from now at the same time you have those that you know uh believe in you know look at the price action believe in the opportunities you know and and get together and say Hey.

You know this is a company like they can reorganize and you know what value can we find in this and and so the the debate the conversation remains there’s passion around moving these you know today’s move we don’t you don’t really know like I mean hey it was a pretty big move on a percentage basis today is that short covering you know from the lows of.

Last week and the announcements of last week right uh you know uh and with the news finally coming out today so sell on the news or cover on the news so you know the conversation continues to happen and it’s this you know Discovery process between the Bears and the Bulls and while you know the Bears are very strong right now and and the sentiment.

Around Bed Bath and Beyond specifically is extremely bearish the conversation still happens the markets are alive right people are still trading it it’s you know the volumes are there and they’re cash tagging I I didn’t realize that it was you guys it was stock twits that came up with a with a hashtag I’m I’m interested in we talked sentiment we.

Talk particular names what was so interesting in all the most active names on your platform was a load of them were EVS not just Tesla but ones that are based out in Asia and Vietnam some smaller known companies is the trend going to be EV is it going to be AI can you see the beginning the pickups in certain narratives.

You know we uh we are speaking of AI right and I just saw the second on Chad GPT fascinating um though I’ve also only used it for boring things thus far um but uh but you know I think you you look at that and for us actually where that’s the area that we want to invest in to try to help us understand better even all the data and the content that.

We have underlying it you know we have our sentiment analytics and some of these other things but you can definitely start to see Trends you know maybe not far ahead but you know in some cases you know a little bit ahead of them what you know kind of the maybe mainstream media picks up on um and you know EVS are a very.

Interesting space because EVS a lot of them went public through specs bats have a large retail Community around them and so there’s a lot of passion around the EVS obviously you have Tesla which is you know kind of The Godfather of not only just all you know stocks but the EV world but yes you have your Mullins and your lucids and you know uh your Fiskars.

Etc etc and you know we we have we have CEOs from them some of these I believe the CEO of Fisker is active on stock twits um but uh you know these these companies have really robust followings and highly engaged followings maybe because they got in at this back or maybe because hey I love Tesla and I hate Mullen or I love you know what you.

Know the the next you know product to come out of uh Fisker and so you know I think that’s gonna you know destroy Mullen or whatever the case may be right um and so these are very retail driven stocks I think just you know the Genesis a lot of them coming out of this back road being race back uh retail driven um and so you will continue to I do.

Think in 2023 we’ll continue to see a lot of conversation around the EV world I think you know there’s a lot of interesting things that are going to happen in the EV space we’re gonna see if you know what happens with Tesla and that’s going to be a I think Bellwether for the conversation there