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B.C.’s south coast under flood watch amid heavy rain, high tides

B.C.’s south coast under flood watch amid heavy rain, high tides

Another day another weather crisis in British Columbia when I first heard the forecast I thought oh here we go again first the snow the rain and the freezing rain now today the risk of flooding specifically especially High Tides known as king Tides we haven’t really had this.

Type of weather for years about 30 years ago it was probably this bad but it’s definitely manageable if you get ahead of it it’s just not if you don’t for this Waterfront community in Delta BC that means sandbagging properties and helping each other I know they’ve helped me put sandbags down I couldn’t even lift one myself.

I’m not a spring chicken so we’re all working together we have a full staff out there now we’ve been providing sand digging and doing sandbagging in certain areas the big concern with these King Tides is the wind the worry is that that wind will whip up the ocean waves and then those waves will carry the debris all of those.

Logs and rocks and put them directly in the path of the houses in Vancouver similar fears the Stanley Park Seawall too dangerous to navigate it’s hard to tell where this Beachside pool ends and the Sea Begins the water level is the highest we believe we’ve seen in over 30 years probably 40 years so it is a bit unnerving.

On Vancouver Island all that water made getting around a challenge and in Washington state that is a jellyfish heading down fourth it’s so wet these folks found a jellyfish in a puddle this is likely the worst of it but we still continue to see High King Tides through the early part of this week but really the highest of.

Those water levels was earlier today relief in a place where weather crises feel increasingly commonplace Lindsey duncombe CBC News Vancouver

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