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B.C. Housing CEO to step down

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “B.C. Housing CEO to step down” here is their detail.

Ceo of bc housing shane ramsey says he can no longer solve the complex problems faced by bc housing but he made no mention of the mounting criticism facing bc housing in the wake of a report by ernst young it criticizes spending and decision making at the agency it was after that the provincial government fired the board of bc housing.

Last month today ramsey posted a lengthy statement saying that something shifted for him on may 7. he cited incidents of escalating violence against homeless people including shootings and a stabbing last week he says he was escorted to a private elevator at vancouver city hall after tensions arose about social housing next to the future.

Arbutus sky train station he says while one community is facing poor health and violence another is now unwilling to provide a welcoming space while bc housing has received more and more funding the agency's budget is up more than 140 percent from five years ago the housing crisis grows beyond its ability to cope the opposition liberals.

Say the province needs to provide more oversight on how that money is being spent it's really unfortunate to hear of the extra stresses that he's putting put under but also highlights yet again the work that needs to be done by government the promises they've made.

That they have not delivered on and you know people are suffering because of that vancouver's mayor kennedy stewart acknowledged ramsey's work and unprecedented demand for housing brought on by covin 19 under investment and toxic drug crisis ramsey's last day at bc housing is on september 6. the provincial government.

Says the bc housing board is looking for his replacement mira baines cbc news vancouver

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