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B.C Government & family of victim react to deadly bus crash

B.C Government & family of victim react to deadly bus crash

Again I want to extend my condolences to the families of all those who lost lives in this terrific crash who received this devastating news during the height of the holiday season when they were trying to get together and be with one another BC’s minister of Transportation comments Tuesday on the deadly bus crash on the Okanagan.

Connector Highway that killed four people and sent 52 patients to the hospital all have been discharged except for six who have non-life-threatening injuries when asked why Highway 97c wasn’t closed due to the snowy conditions that day the minister said decisions were made based on reports by road maintenance Crews and remote.

Weather stations there were observations as well as of slushy conditions but the highway was was regularly plowed during the day it had chemical applications abrasives applied and sand was sorry assault was applied by a crew that had been working around the clock in different shifts with a full deployment of equipment on the day.

But a cousin of one of the victims of the accident says he blames the BC government for Karen jotzing’s death I have the first station of the government of the BC government did not clean because I am the Long Haul truck driver and we see many of the peoples died in Winter and they did not clean the road every year same story he says his cousin.

Had plans to bring his wife and two kids over to Canada to start a new life so now he started a GoFundMe with a goal of thirty thousand dollars to support The Grieving family and within a day of creating the fundraiser they’ve exceeded eighteen thousand dollars so far I feel proud of my community and our Canadian peoples because they they always help.

The peoples but I I’m very angry with the busy government he says he hopes the BC government will do more to clear the roads next winter before more tragedies occur in Vancouver Syracuse City news

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