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B.C. elderly couple posts an ad to find a family doctor

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Shortage of family doctors in bc is one of the biggest issues facing the ndp government tonight we hear from an elderly couple who have been searching for a year without any luck finally they were so desperate they decided to take out an ad c to be shannon patterson on what this says about our health care system.

And that one is only 99 last summer 82 year old michael mort's longtime family doctor gave him six months notice that he was planning to retire since then finding a doctor to replace him has just not worked out mort's name has been in bc's health referral system now for a year we've never had a call they're supposed to.

Assist patients with finding connections for doctors i talked to them again this week and and they they said that they had exhausted all possibilities it became an emergency last week when mart's pharmacy told him his medications can't be refilled without a new prescription from a doctor and i started to cry right in.

The moment and said i can't get a doctor so how am i supposed to renew his prescriptions desperate janet mort placed this ad in the victoria times colonist newspaper offering to pay a doctor to write michael's prescriptions my hope being that there may be a compassionate doctor out there that says i can squeeze one more person into my.

Practice when i saw that ad my heart just sank family doctor anna wallach says it's another example of a primary care system in crisis we see it we have patients who ask us can you take on our relative can you take this person on and we're all having to say no and it's crushing to all of us and so seeing that in the paper.

Part of it was well at least it's being brought to even more light than it already is but at the same time it's like oh my god i can't believe we've failed people this way the newspaper ad was effective i've had at least three doctors offer to fill the prescriptions yeah i'll give you another.

Handful of pills his immediate needs will be met but none of those doctors can take a high needs patient like mort on as a new patient there are i'm sure many many people like me who need a doctor need access to a medical treatment medical service that only a doctor.

Can provide my plea would be please help us it's it's not just seniors i'm sure but seniors are in a very difficult position right now we're not disposable and we deserve care shannon patterson ctv news vancouver

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