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At least 14 House GOP flip to support McCarthy in twelfth speaker vote

This extremely high stakes almost heart-stopping drama continues to unfold on the house floor as Kevin McCarthy did manage to Flip 14 previous no votes but again on the 12th ballot failed to lock down the speakership I want to go back to Steve kornacki at the big board because Steve there is an adjustment to be made in the numbers that is important.

As we look at the rest of the day yeah and as our alley Vitaly was reminding us off the year for the first time there’s a and you can see it in that scoreboard there notice that Hakeem Jeffries finished with 211 votes he’s been getting 212 on all previous ballots that’s because For the First Time Democrats didn’t have perfect attendance.

David trone of Maryland was not there he’s not in the chamber we already know there’s two Republican absences as well and remember there is a vacant house seat so what that means is that you have 400 let me get this pen going you have 431 votes that were cast in this speaker’s race and you need 50 plus one to become speaker so that sets a magic.

Number with this constitution of the house that sets the magic number of 216 okay 216 and Kevin McCarthy’s finishing here with 213 on this ballot so we’ve been saying four what he needs three three of the seven remaining holdouts he needs to flip over and win over if he can get them he gets to 216. so again he needs.

Three from Andy Biggs Lauren bober Eli crane Matt Gates Bob good Andy Harris Matt Rosendale that’s the list he’s operating under here he needs three of them to flip and he can hit that magic number today foreign

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