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Archie Battersbee’s family take his case to European Court of Human Rights | 5 News

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Archie Battersbee’s family take his case to European Court of Human Rights | 5 News” here is their detail.

Archie battersby was a lively 12 year old with a particular talent for gymnastics but he's now in intensive care after being found unconscious in his bedroom doctors say he is brain dead and his treatment should come to an end but his family have now asked the european court of human rights to intervene and say.

Doctors abroad may be willing to treat him two other countries have come forward and they've offered archie treatment if this country can't treat him or they're not willing to treat him where is the harm in allowing him to go to another country doctors here are unanimous that archie's.

Treatment should now stop and judges in the court of appeal and the supreme court agree but archie's mom says even if they lose their court battle she's been told they can't take archie to a hospice to die the courts are going on and really focusing in on the word dignity what is dignified in dying in a busy hospital.

Room full of noise with the door open people coming in and out continuously when archie could be in a very peaceful garden with squirrels and wildlife running around to have his life support withdrawn there where if they really want to focus on this world dignity then i think that that option seriously needs to be also looked.

At the hospital trusts say their deepest sympathies remain with archie's family and they aim to provide the best possible support to them but archie's mum told us the relationship between the family and clinicians here has almost totally broken down this video appears to show 12 year old archie squeezing his mom's hand.

It's these small signs that have given his family hope and they say they won't give up on him i promised arch the same with his dad that we will fight till the bitter end and that's exactly what we're going to do we're going to fight for the right for my son to live the family have been told his life.

Support will not be switched off while the legal battle is ongoing now they must simply wait to see what the courts decide leila hayes 5 news

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