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Archie Battersbee: Parents submit last minute appeal to keep life support on

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Archie Battersbee: Parents submit last minute appeal to keep life support on” here is their detail.

We've filed our application just before nine today to the european courts of human rights um so yeah we're just waiting now to for them to get back to us i'm hoping that they step in and give archie a right to live i think that he deserves that we've got two other.

Countries have come forward and they've offered archie treatment if this country can't treat him or they're not willing to treat him where is the harmony allowing him to go to another country we've put into place the worst case scenario and asked for archie to go to a hospice and this hospital.

Brutally said no so the courts are going on and really focusing in on the word dignity what is dignified in dying in a busy hospital room full of noise with the door open people coming in and out continuously when archie could be in a very peaceful garden with squirrels and wildlife.

Running around to have his life support withdrawn now where if they really want to focus on this world dignity then i think that that option seriously needs to be also looked at but obviously that is worst case scenarios there as i've said there are other countries that want to take archery and they want to treat him.

I'm i'm running on empty yesterday was a very down day for me and people that know me know i won't stay down for long especially when it comes to fighting for my son's life so stay on back up again when i'm fighting i promised arch the same with his dad that we'll fight till the bitter end and that's exactly what we're gonna do we're.

Gonna fight for the right for my son to live

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