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Archbishop Comensoli pays tribute following death of Cardinal Pell

Archbishop Comensoli pays tribute following death of Cardinal Pell

We’re going to take you live now to Melbourne where the Archbishop Peter cominsoli is addressing the media following the passing of cardinal George pill so that people are aware that you had a hip operation which was an ordinary thing for a man of his age and in having that operation he was in a recovery phrase the I believe the.

Medical doctors had come to speak with him and it was during that moment that uh he had a heart uh aneurysm I’m not an aneurysm but a difficulty with the heart and that led to uh his death after a period of time of trying to resuscitate him so for me it was a very sad personal news to hear and uh and quite a shock the Cardinal is I think being one of the.

Great uh churchmen of Australia and internationally uh he over many years has been a forthright defender of the faith a great gospel man I find him and that dimension of his life will remain I think a very important Dimension there probably has not been a Churchman in Australia quite like the Cardinal uh his response both within the Australian.

Context and within International contexts has been quite instrumental and I think for many years to come that will be known and thought about and reflected on but the Cardinals also known for a very strong reform in the religious education of in our schools in the presenting of the faith through a uh a text which is known as towards as which.

Is now known as to know worship and love he was instrumental in a number of reforms in the financial and the stewardship of the diocese such that I’m staying here now and know that there is a secure way in which we can continue to support the works of the church the Ministries especially to the poor