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Anjali Death Case: Cops Arrest Another Accused; 7th Accused Remains Absconding | Breaking News

Anjali Death Case: Cops Arrest Another Accused; 7th Accused Remains Absconding | Breaking News

And the sixth accused who is the owner of the Bolero vehicle in which uh which killed Anjali on New Year’s early morning has now been arrested is the latest that we are getting to you as far as the Delhi hit and drag uh case is concerned and uh going straight across to my colleague Ila who is joining us on the broadcast from one.

Of the Sila we are learning that there has been another arrest on the sixth accused has been arrested in the case tell us more is now apprehended by police this accused is ashitosh who is the owner of the Baleno car and he gave Ankit the car to drive Ankit was not having any.

Driving license police has already demand of all the five accused now this is the sixth accused who has been arrested and the seventh one is all still missing and police is searching for him and his name is ankur he’s the one who priv Who provided the driving license to Ankit and earlier also Deepak who said that he was driving now change.

His statement as it was Ankit who was driving and he was not even having a driving license now the police is saying that they are going to look for for ankur as well and are going to search for foreign artist him soon as well over to you right hila so the sixth arrest has been made in the Delhi hit and drag horror and we’ll now get to some more.

Details on the Delhi hit and drag horror all the five accused would take into hospital last night for a DNA sample testing the Delhi court ordered a four-day police custody of all the five accused we here at Mira now are constantly tracking and bringing you all the latest updates in this gruesome case and times Network correspondent brings.

You this exclusive report let’s listen in perfect instant of Road accidents are being brought here uh they are yet to give the samples to the police the police officials are right now bringing them you can see in the view just these are the accused these are the accused you can see these.

Five accused who happened and that’s a mythil is a one who was uh one of the leader of the the local party and these accuser right now being taken inside the hospital the samples are yet to be collected they the police has already stated that they will be taking their samples so that all these eqs can finally the.

Samples can match with all the evidence which have been collected so far uh by the Delhi police so these are the exclusive videos which we have managed to accept from this Hospital for Delhi for the times that work

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