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Andrew Bolt slams Twitter’s ‘vile celebration’ of Cardinal George Pell’s death

Andrew Bolt slams Twitter’s ‘vile celebration’ of Cardinal George Pell’s death

Well the story of the day is of course the news from the Vatican that George Pell has died despite her wrongful conviction he died an innocent man and maintained his grace and composure in the face of extraordinarily difficult circumstances Andrew bolt knew Cardinal Pell and defended him when few others would and he joins me now welcome to the.

Show Andrew thanks Caleb as someone who knew him and and obviously you did the the last Australian interview with Cardinal pel which we’ll be screening tonight what were your Reflections today foreign mixed you know part well they can’t hurt.

Him anymore second I wish he’d lived though to see the full Vindication he was Vindicated 7-0 by the high court but even if you just go I recommend you don’t do it if you go on Twitter today you will see so much hate vile celebration about George Pell’s death from not just low life sir but you know.

Former Senator Darren hinch and all that kind of thing it’s it’s just disgusting and for me it’s sort of like this is the division George Pell would never have spoken about his enemies like his enemies some of his enemies are speaking about him today the Glee of his death hoping that.

He died painfully uh the abuse the foul language hell would never have done that he was a Christian and I think in the end a lot of journalists did not understand that it was like he was something strange he was something someone out of their control not in their wavelength they wanted him to suffer and in the end.

They helped hand him into jail for 404 days for a crime he could not possibly have committed well that’s it I mean that that trial and obviously the media circus that ensued was a pretty dark time in Australian journalism I mean it you know it seemed as though a lot of the news media had decided he was guilty before the trial had even been run and.

Ultimately we know he spent time in jail have we actually learned any lessons from that event do you think I don’t think we have because the people responsible for this grotesque miscarriage of Justice have not apologized have not changed have not admitted to any fault at all I’m talking about the police for instance Victoria.

Police who advertised for so-called victims eventually found 26 people as nine people they lodged 26 charges all of those charges were so Preposterous that they ultimately failed someone didn’t even make it to court they were so intrinsically stupid uh the nearest investigation made him impossible to believe uh why haven’t they been held to.

Account for that what other citizen in this country has had that done to them and then the two Victorian Supreme Court judges who dismissed his uh a first appeal even though the third judge on that tribunal on that panel went at Great Lengths to show why this alleged rate could not possibly have have happened he allegedly raped two boys at.

Once in his Cathedral even though one of the boys now dead said it never happened and even though when you had a look at the evidence neither George Pell the alleged rapist nor the alleged victim could have been in the room where it happened allegedly at the time this this claimant said because it was a sacristry just after Mass being used to by people.

Going to and fro and changing bringing back sacred objects from the mass the whole thing was just Preposterous yet people to this day still believe it and I find it amazing and what’s even more amazing to me is that through all of this George Pell retained his faith in his God he remained a man of Faith the sort.

Of person that modern journalists don’t seem to understand to the point the last time he rang me was from Rome a few months ago and the thing that was bothering him was whether I’d converted to Christianity I hadn’t and I was apologetic and even sent me books to help me in my journey and I felt really guilty about it but he was a man of God.

And people do not understand this