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All Domestic Flights Grounded By FAA

The FAA grounded all domestic flights on Wednesday morning passengers hoping to fly from one part of the U.S to another temporarily had their wings clipped there were a lot of people waiting at airports because of what the Federal Aviation Administration says was a computer outage the agency said the notice-to-air mission system that.

Contains essential information for flight operations failed and in order to ensure the safety of passengers all domestic flights were grounded President Biden briefly addressed the issue aircraft is still land safely just not take off right now we don’t know what the cause of it is about three hours after the public was notified of the.

Outage the Federal Aviation Administration said in a tweet that normal air traffic operations are resuming gradually across the U.S a White House statement set in part there is no evidence of a Cyber attack at this point but the president directed the Department of Transportation to conduct a full investigation into the causes for.

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