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Albertans suffer hail damage to cars and property during storm season

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Albertans suffer hail damage to cars and property during storm season” here is their detail.

I don't claim to know what a war sounds like but it was that's kind of what it sounded like to me like bombs going off as it hit the top of your car in the hood and then once it started hitting the windshield it was intense on monday several supercell thunderstorms affected the foothills of alberta and moved east and although a tornado watch was in.

Place in the east central area the massive tennis ball to softball sized hail damaged at least 34 vehicles according to rcmp matt berry's car was one of them it was hitting it multiple times very hard very loud shattering the the windshield glass shrapnel was flying everywhere.

Barry is alright though he did sustain a couple cuts from the flying glass he says he did not expect the hail to come monday night because the public weather alert only mentioned a tornado warning i did look at the radar before i left and sure there was red but that could just mean heavy rain a meteorologist says it's best to expect.

Hail when you receive a tornado watch alert when a thunderstorm does have the capability of producing a tornado that supersedes one that has a large hail almost all supercell thunderstorms that are capable of producing a tornado will have large hail associated with them with all the hail damage seen from this past storm.

What's the insurance cost it's likely going to be tens of millions of dollars in damages that we have experienced already this year there have been thousands of claims that have been presented from a variety of different events all throughout alberta as it's still severe thunderstorm season the meteorologist advises drivers to not.

Take shelter under overpasses because it can block traffic emergency vehicles and in a tornado the winds actually pick up in that small space so it's best to find the sturdiest building you see and take shelter there in edmonton sarah chu city news

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