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Albanese government ‘rattled’ amid Voice debate

Albanese government ‘rattled’ amid Voice debate

Is it me or is it starting to look like the Albanese government is getting a little bit well out over its skis on this whole voice to Parliament thing last night we talked about how Peter Dutton had put a letter framing a number of questions to the government over the voice and how that was a smart idea because it was a clever bit of politics.

That meant Dutton avoided falling into the Trap the Prime Minister was clearly hoping he would fall into namely to take a hard position against the voice face a party room fracture from PRO voice liberal Senators MP peas and allowed the media to continue their post-election narrative that the party of the center right is just a bunch of hopeless.

Dinosaurs headed for extinction where previously the Albanese government had managed to frame the issue and much of the conversation around what can only be called the vibe of the thing liberal and other voters who have questions now have the cover to do so and to ask those questions without being attacked necessarily as bad people which is.

Exactly how Anthony Albanese wanted it to be and guess now who someone who is asking some of those questions who those questions are now being asked by well yes the ABC soon after this program ended last night Alba went on the 7 30 report now of course you missed it because you were.

Right here watching the great man Gary Hargrave but you know what I checked it out later on so you didn’t have to and I’ll tell you what the whole thing was pretty telling just have a look at this the second thing that is in the draft wording of the proposals I’ve put forward at the gamma Festival that you.

Attended of course is that the voice will be subservient to the Parliament that is Parliament will continue to control uh it’s the destiny so just don’t just sorry to interrupt but is it still your intent to put to the Australian people the principle of a voice to Parliament and leave that detail for Parliament to.

Work out in the event of a yes vote well the way that our constitution Works David is that you have the principles of of the way that our our constitution our nation’s birth certificate operate okay prime minister so just so we’re clear the detail is to be worked out later by the parliament after the yes vote right well okay and yet just a few.

Minutes after that saying that the Prime Minister said this when asked about reports on how the voice might operate when will you or the rest of us see those reports and what will they what do you expect them to include well they’re doing uh the work through about how uh The Voice could uh could operate but doing it in with in being.

Informed by the work that’s already been done see that there’s well those reports be made public once once they’re done of course just like people can log on now and look at the report of Tom Karma and Marcia LinkedIn they can look at the interim report that the committee co-chaired by Julian Lisa who’s now responsible for indigenous Affairs if.

You have not committed to those those reports in the coalition so indeed what we keep hearing is that all the detail we could ever want is in the Carmen Langton report only that’s not necessarily going to be the model the government follows now this was a bit much even for spearsie to be clear though they’re not proposals.

That you have accepted because because what we are doing here David is trying to get and reach out and get as much support as possible okay so the model hasn’t been decided but we have one but we aren’t using it uh you know what I give up and guess what I suspect all of this is going to make a lot of other voters including a.

Lot who are on the fence give up too because the government is now looking frankly quite tricky on this where once the government had the vibe of momentum behind it it is now getting tripped up by its refusal to let us in on how that Vibe will actually operate in practice even worse is the attempt to silence those pushing the no case on The Voice.

By creating a self-reinforcing doom Loop of virtue singling we saw this recently when Facebook was caught out censoring ads from Advance Australia that said the voice would give certain Australians special rights on the basis of their race simply because an expert panel that took a very narrow reading of the words rights.

Disagreed and had their position picked up by a fact check unit at rmit well guess what happened fake’s Facebook was then able to weed out disinformation as an excuse to block the ads and the situation has been made all the worst by the refusal of the government to fund both the yes and no case like happened in the 1999 Republic referendum because.

They are instead guess what cynically relying on big corporations and others looking to tick boxes on their reconciliation action plans to carry the can for them the government will in coming weeks be hoping to regain the momentum on this but it is clear that they are rattled and now retreating to complaining that.

Those skeptical of their plans and of the voice are nothing but culture Warriors in the meantime we are told that we can expect a week of door knocking and Community barbecues to spread the word by voice proponents those handing out flyers and Manning the tongs should be prepared with answers and not just vibe.

Meanwhile let’s go over to the United States where there have been a couple of extraordinary news stories which show just how things work depending on who the subject of the story in the media is now you probably know that I’m on record as believing that it is time for Donald Trump to step back and let someone like Ron DeSantis or Glenn Younkin from.

Virginia take the lead in the Republican Party but it is very very helpful indeed for everyone on the right of the U.S and indeed Australia too because the same lessons apply the same rules work here to note the media’s behavior a little item today in the Washington Post guess what.

Remember when we were all told that Russian trolls swung the 2016 election and that’s why Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton not not because you know she was an awful candidate who spent all her time campaigning in the Hamptons well not so much according to a study reported in the.

Paper quote Russian influence operations on Twitter in the 2016 presidential election reached relatively few users most of whom were highly partisan Republicans and the Russian accounts had no measurable impact in changing minds or influencing voter Behavior well well well recall of course that five years ago the.

Same Washington Post was running articles like this one which claimed that quote the wide distribution of strategically aligned messages increases the likelihood that Russian efforts including posts sad’s tweets and the release of stolen emails changed the outcome of the 2016 election unquote so can we call everyone who called Trump.

An illegitimate tool of the Russians election deniers now meanwhile you’ll also recall that a few months ago the media was up in arms because an FBI raid uncovered classified documents at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago compound well the shoe is on the other foot now as classified documents have been found lying around Joe Biden’s vice.

Presidential think tank in Washington now it’s worth recalling what Joe Biden said when those documents were found in Trump’s possession when you saw the photograph of the top secret documents laid out on the floor at Mar-A-Lago what did you think to yourself looking at that image.

How that could possibly happen how one anyone could be that irresponsible and I thought what data was in there that may compromise sources and methods now though the Wall Street Journal reports that Biden is a bit more quiet on the subject reported the paper quote Mr Biden didn’t respond to questions about the documents shouted at him.

Monday as he was with Mexican president Andre Manuel Lopez obrador at the National Palace in Mexico City you know what they say it’s good to be the king I guess so long as you’re on the left