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Albanese ‘giving jobs to the boys’ over government defence review

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Albanese ‘giving jobs to the boys’ over government defence review” here is their detail.

Philip thompson is one of my favorite members of parliament he of course has arisen up the ranks in his second term now as a member for herbert where he is the assistant minister for defence or shadow minister for defence working of course with andrew hastie and peter dutton in canberra and he joins us now from the same building great man lovely.

To see you again so today uh the prime minister says time for a rude and branch review into everything to do with the defence force last time i checked there was already one of these in 2020. last time i checked there was already a royal commission right now into into veterans and and those issues so why on top of all of that would you.

Hire one of the worst defense ministers in the country's ever had to do it mate you've got stephen smith who is the worst uh defence minister that australia's ever seen he cut 4.5 billion dollars at the defense portfolio i've had senior officers call me today going he showed nothing but contempt for the portfolio.

We couldn't work with him he didn't like us so this is um albanese giving jobs for the boys for a person who's going to come in and look to cut he's going to look to cut spending he's going to look to cut projects and that'll all outlay into cutting jobs i've got soldiers around the country calling me going mate are we going to lose our job with this.

This person does not like defence hated the portfolio when he was there cut all the funding out of it does that mean we're going to lose our jobs and i heard prime minister albanese say today he goes well we need a we need to find out uh and make sure that the defence force knows their role they do know their role their.

Role is to fight and win our wars we need to make sure they have the equipment to do so and support them when they get back regardless of their core regardless of what branch of the adf they serve in that's their job now it's a bit disappointing that the the prime minister doesn't know that and it's very disappointing that he's hand-picked his.

Mate to go in and and uh to look at cutting funding is is all i can say uh because he doesn't give a stuff about it and he'll do it and walk away well also i mean let's be honest right one of the reasons why he ends up getting this job and nobody will tell us how much this is but it's it's not a love job right and we're getting some serious cash on top.

Of his forever pension to do so it's because he was on the campaign bus and helped steady the ship after the you know the spat for fest that was going on in the first week right but the reality is is that how many times can the defense force have a review going into it now defense procurement i'm fine for that conversation all the time but the.

People who you represent in and around townsville do not need another review into what is fairly obvious bad guys that way take them out 100 mate when we don't need you know a rubbish uh former uh labor defense minister to fly around the country to fly into to where we live to tell us how to do our job uh we've seen mistakes.

That have been made with procurement uh you know the the mrh-90 again guess what peter dutton binned it we're getting the blackhawk uh the tiger attack helicopter yeah we're binning it we're getting the apache because we want our people to be protected and have the best kit we don't need a former politician to come around get paid an.

Exorbitant amount of money to to tell soldiers what their role is they know what it is get out of their way let them train let them be prepared for whatever's around the corner because we know that our soldiers with uh some of the best in the world and they know their job fighting and winning wars and it doesn't matter what where they.

Position they have or what call they're in whether they're in the special force an infantry battalion they're a cook or a clerk they're a soldier first and uh we we want them to have the kit to fight we want them to be ready and we don't need a politician former politician that wants to gut more funding out of defense walking around and telling them how to.

Do their job i'm with you philip we love you mate thank you for doing what you do let's chat even more into the future congrats on the run up the shadow ministry mate thanks man appreciate you good stuff philip thompson i'm telling you he's exactly the sort of politician you want as your local mp which is why he's been.

So warmly loved by the people of herbert in and around townsville but more importantly and most importantly he is there for the people that he served with and that he serves in that parliament not just for her but also the people who've served this country

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