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Albanese and Bowen celebrate ‘win’ on climate change bill

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Albanese and Bowen celebrate ‘win’ on climate change bill” here is their detail.

Green's leader adam band announced at the national press club this afternoon his party is going to back the climate change bill in the house of representatives and the senate a win for prime minister anthony albanese despite some protests from mr bant that there is more to do and he believes the government can be forced to go further.

Than its 43 emissions cut target by 2030. tomorrow i will be joined by our greens mps in the house of representatives in voting for the climate change bill and when the bill comes before the senate we will vote for it there as well so just before question time the pm and.

Energy minister chris bowen were out celebrating the win this afternoon when you get the impression they have known is coming for some time it's still unclear why they need the legislation to enshrine this target when they have already submitted that target to the u.n but they say industry wants it and we'll see more renewable energy investment as.

A result i'm very confident that it will be passed uh through the house of representatives and through the senate the coalition have chosen uh once again uh to engage them it's quite bizarre they seem obsessed by nuclear reactors but are ignoring the biggest nuclear reactor of all it's up there.

The sun solar power they're ignoring climate wars may or may not be over but they're certainly in retreat

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