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Alaska Braces For Storm That Could Be The Strongest In A Decade

Alaska Braces For Storm That Could Be The Strongest In A Decade

Residents of Alaska are preparing for a major storm set to hit that State’s western coast this weekend forecasters there warn it could be the strongest storm in a decade with hurricane force winds and 50-foot ocean waves up to five inches of heavy rain is expected that’s likely to cause coastal flooding officials now say the flooding there.

Could be the worst in 50 years Samar Theodore is back and she’s tracking that storm in Alaska as well Samar what do you know about it well it’s going to be having a really big impact on a lot of the Marine Logistics and this is very rare during the month of September to see a post-tropical cyclone murbach in this region as far as the rest of the.

Country we are looking at showers and severe weather out towards the Northern Plains we’ve got our eyes on very nice conditions along the east coast plenty of sunshine out west and the other thing we’re keeping a close eye on is the tropics we have tropical storm Fiona that’s going to be impacting Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

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