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Ahmad Maslan: Umno to discuss Sabah crisis after AGM

Ahmad Maslan: Umno to discuss Sabah crisis after AGM

Amno has not decided the action to be taken against the sabbah I’m no assembly persons who joined chief minister hajiji Norris cabinet I’m not Secretary General Ahmad muslan said the matter will be discussed after the amno annual general meeting which concludes on Saturday he said this during a press conference after officiating the media space for.

The amno assembly in Kuala Lumpur today foreign um this morning assembly person who is one of the five assembly persons who sided with hajiji during the crisis was promoted to deputy chief minister shahel me also replaced Sabah B and.

Chairperson as The Works Minister meanwhile commenting on a separate matter Ahmad said the delegates at amnest annual General Assembly this year will not be modified of the party’s internal election dates however it will still remain within six months after the general election as set by the Registrar.

Of societies the party elections have attracted more attention after the move by Amna leaders to cooperate with pakatan harapan to form a Unity government the decision Drew mixed reactions within Amna with some openly protesting against the decision made by their president Ahmad sahetamidi therefore so it is expected that certain.

Leaders may attempt to challenge zahid for presidency