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Advance voter turnout drops in Toronto

Advance voter turnout drops in Toronto

While the Municipal elections are just over a week away and there are concerns tonight after the city of Toronto revealed that turnout at Advanced polls were down for a second consecutive election and experts they’re not optimistic they say since there are no hotly contested races a low turnout at Advanced polls is indicative of what.

Will be seen on Election Day I think everybody should vote because if you’re going to complain then go and vote I think more of us should vote especially my people my age don’t tend to vote a lot despite an extended voting period fewer torontonians cast their ballots this year Advance voter turnout fell by almost 7 percent from 2018 and.

By a stay growing 30 percent from 2014 which saw a record turnout I know that’s mostly due to people our age not being educated and not wanting to vote not knowing how to vote not knowing where to vote so yeah it is kind of a concern because then nothing is changing our generation is the people that’s going to be making that difference and if we’re.

Not voting then um we’re not making that change according to a city news release only a hundred and fifteen thousand nine hundred and eleven voters cast their ballot at one of 50 Advanced voting stations across Toronto last week a significant drop from 2018 and 2014. it’s not a good sign there’s a host of.

Reasons the biggest being of course that people don’t feel like this is a competitive race there are a few Council seats that are competitive but at the mayoral level people aren’t feeling like it’s competitive and that’s not good for democracy experts tell us 2014 was a record-setting year for voter turnout because of the competitive Mayoral race.

As John Tory ran against the now Premier Doug Ford when we have competitive mayoral races what we see is that there’s a lot more debates and so we create a whole sort of ecosystem where everybody can get excited and feel the energy and feel like this election matters that there’s a real choices here on both sides while mayoral candidate.

Gail penalosa has managed to Rally a significant following John Tory is expected to win another term this year after all ready serving as Toronto’s mayor for eight years it’s unfortunate that we’ve really only had two debates and even those are not particularly high profile uh debates in the mayoral election because election are a chance.

To talk about the issues that really matter the second mayoral debate will take place Monday meanwhile many incumbents on Toronto City Council are also expected to be re-elected but with seven counselors Calling it Quits there are some close races for open Council seats as for turnout on Election Day it’s now expected to be even lower this.

Year than the already disappointing turnout in 2018 which saw just 41 percent of eligible residents voting down from 60 percent in 2014. and this isn’t just a municipal problem it’s indicative of a broader challenge experts say that people are feeling like Democratic institutions just aren’t adequately addressing challenges in.

Their communities for instance Ontario’s provincial elections in June sought the lowest voter turnout in its history with just 43 percent of eligible voters casting a ballot now Toronto’s municipal election will take place next Monday October 24th from 10 a.m to 8 pm

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