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Abortion access on the ballot in Kansas

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “Abortion access on the ballot in Kansas” here is their detail.

Welcome back abortion access is on the ballot for the first time in america since the landmark case of roe versus wade was overturned voters in kansas are being asked whether they'd like to remove a clause in the state constitution that prohibits lawmakers introducing any restrictions on accessing abortion.

Activists on either side of the abortion debate have been out in force in kansas ahead of a vote that could have national repercussions it's my belief based on what they've said that they intend to ban abortion in all cases and that our law here could match something like what happened in missouri with their trigger law that's banned voters are being asked.

To decide whether to change the state constitution to allow state legislators to make laws on abortion republicans in the state legislature have a super majority and are primed to use that power the amendment that is on the ballot will mandate government control over our private medical decisions and ultimately.

Pave the way for a total ban on abortion voter turnout is already two and a half times what it was for the 2018 midterms abortion is a right that everyone should have access to it's healthcare i think it's really important for i mean all the young babies of the lives that are being saved if it passes 22 u.s states have introduced bans or severe.

Restrictions already following the overturning of roe v wade this has already increased pressure on states like kansas women from neighboring states have been crossing state lines to access abortion services the day that the decision came down we had patients calling us from the.

Waiting rooms of other health centers in other states saying our appointments were just canceled how soon can we get in pro-choice advocates have warned against using tomorrow's result as a national referendum on the mood surrounding abortion in this state there are almost twice as many registered republicans as.

Democrats kansans want to ensure that moms and babies are protected and so kansans are very concerned about this push to make us an unlimited destination for abortion annelise nielsen sky news kansas

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