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A wounded Umno gathers amid uncertainty and gloom

A wounded Umno gathers amid uncertainty and gloom

The Paul of electoral defeats and a cloud of uncertainty hang over amno today as the Party begins a four-day General Assembly while faced with the prospect of six State elections looming in the months ahead the party’s abysmal performance in the November general election when amno suffered its worst election defeat in.

Its history was papered over by the amno-led barisa national managing to win a share of Power by agreeing to be a partner in Anwar ibrahim’s Unity government in an uneasy alliance with the party’s former Arch enemies a top um no leader who declined to be named said amnos Grassroots members want Clarity on the party’s Direction.

Especially where the unity government is concerned and that the onus will be on party president Ahmad Zaid hamidi to provide answers on the way ahead there is also intense speculation that zahid and his Deputy Muhammad Hassan will be challenged by Amna leaders who are not members of the unity government while some zait loyalists have warned.

That a contest for the top posts will tear the party apart the amnode general assembly will be held from today to Saturday at the party’s headquarters at the World Trade Center Kuala Lumpur