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A TD had a bag of excrement thrown at her yesterday. Ciara says it’s a subversion of democracy.

A TD had a bag of excrement thrown at her yesterday. Ciara says it’s a subversion of democracy.

First of all I I think it is a disgusting act not not just because it’s an assault on an elected representative but it’s disgusting it’s Essence what somebody has done but I also think it’s worse than that I think it’s a subversion of democracy it undermines and intimidates elective Representatives who have a mandate from people and.

That’s how this country functions whether you like it or not we are a democracy and democracy may have flaws but it’s the best thing that we have this is a brown shirt move this is it disgusts me on every single level and it discussed me in the same way by the way as smoothies being thrown at Leo radcar as water balloons being thrown at Joan.

Burton and at any elected representative being assaulted by somebody who doesn’t seem to give a crap what you know happens in terms of Elections who doesn’t seem to care that these people are people who who represent other people and and you know what I hope they are prosecuted I hope they’re prosecuted seriously and properly as an assault but.

This is a move that is as I say it’s reminiscent of the brown shirts this is a a an anti-democratic sick thickening move and it Galls me and yeah it’s appalling but we shouldn’t be surprised that this is happening no we absolutely shouldn’t because we have seen and we see it well particularly on.

Social media can I say not just in social media I think we see it in mainstream media as well the denigration of Politics the denigration of politicians and this if you you you’re going to reap what you so if you do denigrate politics and politicians constantly this is where we’re going to be we have For Better or For Worse we.

Have extraordinary access to politicians in this country more probably than any other country in western Europe that will soon be a thing of the past if this continues because we have in the UK politicians wearing stab vests or constituency clinics uh I I’m not saying well at that point yet but it’s not that big of a leap of imagination to get to.

That point so I just think we need to be really careful but I I worry Kira that that ship has already sailed politics and politics and politicians are been denigrated constantly and this is where this leads to it’s sickening it’s sickening let us know what you think though this morning um what your views on this are I think.

Most right-minded people probably feel exactly as Shane and I do but if you have a look on social media you’ll see some people saying yeah fair play it’s disgusting

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