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9 year old helicopter victim wakes from coma

9 year old helicopter victim wakes from coma

One of two young boys critically injured in the deadly sea world helicopter crash on the Gold Coast has woken from his coma nine-year-old Leon de Silva faces a long road ahead to recovery some hope in the aftermath of that horror helicopter crash nine-year-old Leon de Silva has suffered brain trauma but is awake here at the Queensland.

Children’s Hospital his mother Winnie who also survived the mid-air Collision was able to video call him but he’s not yet able to talk back he has managed to lift a thumb and move his left leg twice the mother and son from Geelong and Victoria are recovering in hospitals 70 kilometers apart sadly Nicholas Tadros the ten-year-old boy from Sydney whose.

Mother Vanessa was killed in the crash remains on life support the Australian transport safety Bureau is continuing to take witness statements and poor over Vision this confronting footage taken inside one of the Choppers will form a crucial part of the investigation a vigil will be held for the four people killed in the tragedy on the Gold Coast.

Broadwater next Sunday