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7-year-old boy recovering from cougar attack in central Alberta

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “7-year-old boy recovering from cougar attack in central Alberta” here is their detail.

A young boy is recovering in this edmonton hospital after a vicious cougar attack in central alberta and a warning to our viewers the photos showing the extent of his injuries may be disturbing to some seven-year-old kayson fuser was camping and playing with some family friends by the river when the attack happened just.

North of rocky mountain house kayson's mom shea fuser was in dawson creek british columbia when she got the call that forever changed her life and all she said was kayson's attacked by a cougar and the stars is coming and you just need to get in your truck right now and come kayson spent 3 and a half hours in.

Surgery and had over 200 staples and stitches over his face neck and head he's now on the long road to recovery the physical part will be just resting and healing that way but the mental part i'm nervous to see what how that plays out the attack happened on sunday fish and wildlife have since captured and euthanized the adolescent cougar not far.

From the attack location a dna analysis confirms the euthanized cougar was responsible for the attack although cougar encounters are rare fish and wildlife recommend traveling in groups and carrying some form of protection such as bear spray and if you do come across a cougar you're told to make noise and to never turn your back.

Or run a cat looks at everything potentially as a food source and with these young children walking along the riverbank and being smaller definitely would be you know one of the reasons why i decided that yeah i was going to try it although walks down the river won't be the same for the family.

Shea fuser says it's a great reminder that you are entering their home it was a freak accident honestly it does it's so rare for this to happen so i'm really trying to not let that fear take over and control me and still like live in freedom mike ewald with fish and wildlife enforcement services says there has only been one.

Cougar-caused fatality in alberta in edmonton laura krause city news

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