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68 SEA Games, Commonwealth Games athletes awarded prizes at appreciation dinner

68 SEA Games, Commonwealth Games athletes awarded prizes at appreciation dinner

Our 68 top performing athletes who represented singapore at the sea and commonwealth games were awarded cash prizes of some eight hundred and sixty thousand dollars at an appreciation dinner tonight a cna understands that the prize money that a singapore swimmer joseph schooling would have been awarded for his performance at the sea games has.

Been put on hold all this follows the swimmer’s admission to having consumed cannabis overseas athletes were triumphed at the commonwealth games were praised for their showing at the dinner and awards ceremony called out for her outstanding achievements was games veteran fung tienwei she be meddled the medalled athlete with 13 medals over.

Four commonwealth games was named most outstanding athlete at this year’s event the sea games in hanoi saw a total of 47 gold medals won by team singapore swimmer quanting one was recognized as the most valuable player with a hall of six gold and one bronze medals unnoticeably absent was swimmer joseph schooling he had won an individual gold.

As well as a gold and bronze and two relay events at the sea kings at the dinner singapore national olympic council president tan trunjin reminded national athletes they are to adhere to more than just performance standards and once selected you will have to commit to a team membership agreement which includes a stipulated code of.

Conduct as representatives of the country we all have a part to play while we are the games our actions and behaviors do not merely have an impact on us ourselves the sportsmen and our immediate fraternity but also on the larger community so let’s continue to stick to our goals.

Focus on your performances look after each other as teammates and be as exemplary as we can

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