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5 a.m. Tropical Storm Fiona update for Saturday, September 17, 2022

5 a.m. Tropical Storm Fiona update for Saturday, September 17, 2022

But the good news here is that is actually this system is working its way across the peninsula that’s going to be responsible for taking Fiona and bumping it well off the coast of Florida and out to sea so instead of dealing with Fiona we’re going to be dealing with this instead so I think we’d rather deal with what we’re dealing with as opposed to.

Having to deal with Fiona which is what they’re going to have to do in Puerto Rico the Virgin Islands and eventually the Dominican Republic in the next 24 hours the forecast track still takes it off to the north over the open Waters of the western Atlantic maybe up toward Bermuda after that but the good news for us it’ll be several hundred miles off.

The coast and out to sea now it looks like it’s more and more likely it’s going to be at least the category one hurricane maybe more intensity forecasting is always tricky but as it makes its closest approach to us it’ll be sometime around the middle to second half of next week and then even then it’s going to be pretty far out to sea.

So what does that mean for us on that track being on the relatively weaker side of the hurricane we’re actually going to be seeing maybe some swells but also some drier air the first system would deal dealing with is going to continue to keep the moisture here that’s what the Orange is on the map right through tomorrow and Monday and.

Possibly into Tuesday as well we get on the back side of that but as we head toward Wednesday Thursday and Friday notice the blues that’s the drier air that’s the backside of what should be hurricane Fiona at that time and that drier air is surging down into Central and South Florida as we head toward the second half of the week so it looks like.

We’re going to be seeing some remarkably drier air as opposed to Hurricane type conditions so it’s all about location

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