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4,000 Shifted Out Of ‘Sinking’ Uttarakhand Town, Demolition Begins Today

4,000 Shifted Out Of ‘Sinking’ Uttarakhand Town, Demolition Begins Today

Now the latest on uttarakhand sinking Town Joshi Mart where the administration is expected to start demolishing dangerous buildings from today 4 000 people have been evacuated a home Ministries team will visit joshimat for inspection the Administration has divided the city into three zones danger buffer and remaining zones any.

Demolition will be done according to the recommendation of the central building Research Institute roorkee a dangerous for living buildings have been marked with a red X symbol my colleague tanushree got us the latest the sacred town of our country Joshi mutt situated at 6 000 feet in chamoli District of uttarakhand is on the verge.

Of sinking right behind me the visual speaks for itself a temple which has completely collapsed after it developed massive cracks and features just like all other houses hotels and roadways across the town situated at 6000 feet in the chamoli district of uttarakhand joshimat the gateway to the holy pilgrimage sites of.

Badrinath and him Kun sahib is clearly sinking 600 structures at the very least have been damaged or partially destroyed but it did not happen overnight a slew of wrong decisions and government negligence has caused the disaster NDTV went to Joshi mutt in 2004 when explosions to carry out road.

Construction and build power projects damaged the Integrity of land here a land which falls in a zone 5 seismic Zone which means it’s an active earthquake prone Zone we have seen it happening we have shot those visuals and we have got the photographs of the boards written that they do blasting from this to this officially.

Sustainable developments decades ago before the first Power Plant was constructed in joshimat in 1980s to Swiss geologists Arnold hem and Augusto ganziel carried out a survey and published a book in 1930s named Central Himalaya they said in their book The Joshi mutt is situated on the debris of a landslide and is dangerous for any.

Kind of construction work but the warnings were blatantly ignored construction of a second power plant ntpc’s tapovan vishnugar hydropower project started in 2006. ntpc has denied its latest construction activity two tunnels have anything to do with the land subsidence in yoshimat construction activity is not limited to.

Joshimat and the damage caused is evident across the region in rishikesh 250 kilometers away a tunnel being constructed by the railways also has massive cracks it’s structural Integrity in doubt is a zone 5 seismic Zone which means it’s highly prone to earthquakes and it’s a very sensitive area owing to its.

Proximity with a border plus it also connects two very important religious places and the badrinath now the question is after knowing all this why did the government decide to bring in the ntpc plant and huge equipments and machineries in this fragile and sensitive region which according to the residents of the area are the main.

Reason for the damage on the ground was the government waiting for a tragedy to happen and as we show you shocking and horrific visuals from Ground Zero of an entire town gradually sinking we leave you with a question and a thought is development more important than people’s lives with camera person Rakesh Singh In Joshi Mart in uttarakhand and tanushree.

Pandey reporting for NDTV

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