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20-year-old man charged under Treason Act after crossbow incident at Windsor Castle

This News Publish on Youtube, entitled “20-year-old man charged under Treason Act after crossbow incident at Windsor Castle” here is their detail.

Now here a 20 year old man has been charged under the treason act after an incident in the grounds of windsor castle last christmas jazwan singh chale who's from southampton is accused of carrying a crossbow and making threats to kill let's bring in our crime correspondent martin brunt and martin treason is a pretty rare.

Charge tell us more about this case yes this is a rare charge but it's not unique and you have to go back to 1981 to see the last prosecution when a teenager called marcus sergeant admitted firing six blanks at the queen as she rode at trooping of the color he admitted the charge and was jailed for five years um i can't remember.

Anything um before 1981 but to get back uh to what's happened today the crown prosecutors have charged uh that 20 year old man as he is now he was 19 at the time um the police said at the time of his arrest.

That he was found within moments of entering the grounds of windsor castle the queen was spending christmas there that was unusual she normally spends christmas at sandringham she was made aware of his presence he was arrested a crossbow was found according to police at the time but he did not end to any of.

The buildings at windsor castle so he faces three charges now um one of a threat to kill another of possession of an offensive weapon and it's that third charge that's creating all the interest and these are the wording of it being near to the person of the queen.

Willfully producing a loaded crossbow with intent to use the same to injure the person of her majesty contrary to section two of the treason act 1842 so there you are a bit wordy um mr chael will be held in custody until his next court appearance which will be.

In a couple of weeks time 17th of august at westminster magistrates court martian thank you very much

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