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2 in custody in fatal police shooting near Hagersville, Ont

2 in custody in fatal police shooting near Hagersville, Ont

Our top story this morning a man and woman are in custody in connection with the death of a 28 year old OPP officer for the latest on this investigation we go live now to Super 24’s crime analyst Steve Ryan who’s outside the chief coroner’s office near Keel and Wilson Steve sadly we are out front of the coroner’s.

Building here at Keelan Wilson once again inside of this building is where the body of the 28 year old Constable arrests he will undergo an autopsy today so the pathologist will be able to make an exact determination as to what his cause of death was what we know according to the opp was that this 28 year old officer who had been with the.

Opp for a year and just got off of probation meaning that after being scrutinized by his peers for 10 months and being evaluated he was able to sign on that dotted line acknowledging after 10 months that his probation was now over and he was out on the road by himself for the very first time yesterday when he responded or came.

Across a call where there was a car in a ditch as he approached that car in the ditch he was shot by both now accused that were the occupants of that vehicle and he died as a result of his injury so we are seeing this far too often there are far too many police officers are getting killed and we are learning haven’t have any information about the.

Gun used today but most of the times the guns that are used to kill these officers are illegal guns so here’s what I foresee perhaps happening in the future and that is officers approaching every situation as a tactical situation and what I mean by that is a traffic stop which can be incredibly dangerous because you do not.

Know what the driver is like you don’t know who the driver is you do not know what type of day the driver is having you could run the plate the plate tells you who owns the car and what the owner of that car may be up to criminal wise but not the driver so you might now in the future very near future I might suggest see the police approaching all.

Situations from a tactical perspective and I say that because the last few officers that were shot the last four as a matter of fact did not even have their firearms out because that’s not what we do in Canada but times have changed and until such time that our borders are plugged we are going to see more and more guns on the streets and that’s not.

Only putting the citizens of our country of Toronto in danger but also the police officers that are out there day in and day out protecting us even if let’s just say hypothetically even if every Canadian in this country all 25 plus million did not own a gun not one gun existed in this country legally even if that was the case that’s not going to.

Stop or would not have stopped those officers from being killed because the borders are still wide open when it comes to smuggling and until the smuggling is addressed properly by those in Authority not the police the police are doing their best to try to plug those holes clearly they need more help and until that’s done we’re going to see.

An awful lot more injuries and deaths when it comes to police engaging with the public so next time you’re stopped by the police just do not be surprised if their approach to you is not one of these where they go hey how’s your day you’ve been speeding it may be a little bit different given the fact that there are.

So many guns out there on the streets now and far too many police officers have lost their lives I’ll send it back to you scp-24 is a crime analyst Steve Ryan this morning thank you and staying with this story prime minister Justin Trudeau calls the news of this heartbreaking he says to the fallen officers family friends and.

Colleagues the thoughts of all Canadians are with you mayor Shelley Bentley of Haldeman County released a statement reading in part I am deeply saddened by the loss of one of our officers who died today in the line of duty every day our country’s First Responders risk their lives for the safety of our community and a tragedy.

Like today’s is one we hope never comes our hearts go out to the officer’s family his OPP colleagues and all First Responders impacted by this horrific event OPP commissioner Thomas Carrick writing on Twitter it is with an extremely heavy heart that I regretfully advise that OPP Constable Gregor shapir Chala was killed today while.

Courageously serving our hearts are with his loved ones and all OPP members at this tragic time also Premier Doug Ford posted this message to social media I am horrified by the killing of an on-duty opp officer thank you to the officers who apprehended the suspects without incident our First Responders are true.

Heroes we share in the pain felt by family friends and the entire police Community as Ontario Mourns this loss

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