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2 charged in fatal shooting of OPP officer

2 charged in fatal shooting of OPP officer

Police have laid charges against two suspects Constable Greg piercalla was killed while responding to a call of a vehicle in a ditch near Hagersville that’s about 40 kilometers south of Hamilton near the mississaugas of the Credit First Nation the cbc’s Natasha fata is here with all of the details so take us through these charges absolutely.

Arthy so the two suspects in question have appeared before court and before a judge today and each of them the two suspects are Brandy Stewart Sperry and Randall McKenzie have each been charged with one count of first-degree murder now beyond that the judges ordered that both of them remained detained in police custody and he has issued a.

Non-communication order for a list of people including each other these two individuals cannot speak to each other to a group of other people as well as any family member of the Constable per Shala now as you mentioned we have a few details about what happened yesterday with Constable Greg pershalla he was Pro uh patrolling on his own when he got a.

Call about a car in a ditch and this happened near Brantford which is just west of Hagersville there was some sort of altercation when he got to that vehicle and then we know that the officer was shot and we understand from the opp that the suspects fled the scene they were of course detained and have now been officially charged but it was.

Only after the officer was taken to a nearby hospital that he was declared deceased now the incredible cruelty of this story arthi is that just hours before his death Greg perchala had been told that he had just passed the 10-month probation as an opp officer which meant that he could independently Patrol on his own he would no longer.

Need to be supervised or be with a partner and it was in that capacity that he lost his life he was working on his own but prior to becoming an opp officer he had worked as a special Constable at the provincial legislature in Ontario he had also worked with the Canadian Armed Services so clear clearly had dedicated his life to this country in one capacity.

Or another and in fact his friends are saying that he wanted to be a police officer since the age of five so this is a cruel loss for so many as friends and family the communities but also officers right across the country are mourning his loss and then the issue is what happens next well we know that the two suspects are going to be back in court.

On Tuesday January 17th that’s going to happen via Zoom and in the meantime we are waiting for the Ontario Provincial Police to offer comment on these charges thanks for this that is the cbc’s Natasha fata reporting

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